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This program's engine contains free software under a number of licenses, including the MIT License and GNU Lesser General Public License. A complete list of software, including links to full source code, can be found {a=}here{/a}. The game itself is free software and it may be distributed in accordance with the {a=}GNU Affero General Public License Version Three{/a}. All on screen assets, such as writing, images, videos, and other Cavemanon sourced items that are not in the Public Domain or are held by another entity in copyright are subject to the {a=}CC-BY-SA 4.0{/a}. Those copyrights we don't hold and have attribution clauses have been enumerated in the "LICENSE" file that came with this work. These licenses guarantee the freedom to share as much as one wishes so long as you allow others to share accordingly and pay respects to where you have obtained the work. We encourage, and expect, spin-offs, shitposts, memes, and edits to come from this work and cannot wait to see them.
Non-Cavemanon sourced items with attribution clauses
alarmAirraidSiren.ogg - "Alarm, Air Raid Siren, Test, Devonport, Sony PCM M-10" by audiojacked
alarmClicheLoop.ogg - "Railroad Crossing with Bell and Train Passing" by soundslikewillem
alarmClock.ogg - "Intermediate Sound SFX Library > Alarm Clock" by dcloh
alarmKlaxonLoop.ogg - "Vintage Bells, Horns, Whistles (Red Lib) > R18-31-Old Car Ahooga Horn.wav" by craigsmith
alarmPoliceSiren.ogg - "Siren" by doomyd
alarmSirenLoop.ogg - "Kyoto > Sirens.wav" by Trinity101, "Siren" by doomyd
anonDink.ogg - "hitting things with other things > plastic donk 1.wav" by Screamr, "Donk Metal & Glass" by EminYILDIRIM
anonShooterFall.ogg - "Bone crush neck twist.wav" by carlito62
anonTheaterFall.ogg - "granada > 20101024.door.slam.wav" by dobroide
apartmentLoop.ogg - "Apartment, small quiet bathroom with fan.wav" by SpliceSound
cameraMult.ogg - "DSLR Camera Click.ogg" by akonze
camera.ogg - "DSLR Camera Click.ogg" by akonze
cameraShutterClick - "Tech > Shutter" by Mafon2
carAlarmLoop.ogg - "Car Alarm (RAW).wav" by hishiad
carKick1.ogg - "Squeaky Car Door" by coltures
carKick2.ogg - "Squeaky Car Door" by coltures
carKick3.ogg - "Squeaky Car Door" by coltures
carSuspension1.ogg - "Squeaky Car Door" by coltures
cavemanMagic.ogg - "Waving Torch.wav" by spookymodem, "Lighter.mp3" by SomeoneCool15
cellphone.ogg - "Ringtones- Classic phones > Ringtone: Startec flip-phone" by knufds
concertFail.ogg - "Light - Heavy lights turned on" by PITCHEDsenses, "Speaker world > radio speaker noise 2.WAV" by martian
classroomLoop.ogg "Strange/Love S2 E1 > FOLEY_Wooden chair adjustment_1.wav" by WilliamJMeyer, "Last Day of School > Low Room Tone.wav" by tvilgiat, "classroom ambience .wav" by MakedaMntuyedwa, "Paper_Shuffling_crinkling_Crisp.wav" by bewagne
doorSlam.ogg - "Bexhill Recorded SFX > College door slam.wav" by Bexhillcollege, "Angry Door FS > Angry Door - Wooden Entrance Open Close Slam Hard A.wav" by hisoul
crowdCheer.ogg - "Short Crowd Cheer.flac" by qubodup
drizzleLoop.ogg - "Drizzle" by Soundatic
drumroll.ogg - "Drum Roll with Cymbals Crash" by Iwan Gabovitch
drumrollend.ogg - "Drum Roll with Cymbals Crash" by Iwan Gabovitch
fireAlarmReverbLoop.ogg - "Car_Alarm_Sound01.aif" by kreactionz_100
firework.ogg - "Fuse" by soundslikewillem, "fireworks > fireworks 3burst sizzle" by atomwrath, "Playing With Fire > Firework Single Rocket #1" by Kinoton
hungryBeast - "Ambi - Stone valley quiet, bird, wind - near Sea - Sony pcm d50 stereo Recording - 2010 08 Exmoor Forrest England.wav" by
lockerSmash.ogg - "Disaster > Earthquake_Interior_MetalRattling_1.wav" by Cell31_Sound_Productions, "Metallic Door Shut" by NeoSpica, "metal shop > metal locker thuds rattle inside.flac" by kyles
marketLoop.ogg - "public > terrace ambience 01.wav" by klankbeeld
outdoorLoop.ogg - "City > danish surburb.wav" by inchadney
outdoorNatureLoop.ogg - "Ambiences & Nature > Countryside Ambience Spring" by Kinoton
policeSirenLoop.ogg - "AMB_SIiren_Police_Pass_002.wav" by conleec, "Chile, Valpariso > Fire truck siren passing by in Valparaiso (Chile)" by felix.blume, "Sirens, fire, police, close pass, distant, urban, CALGARY, 2011.wav" by TRP
policeSirenReverbLoop.ogg - "AMB_SIiren_Police_Pass_002.wav" by conleec, "Chile, Valpariso > Fire truck siren passing by in Valparaiso (Chile)" by felix.blume, "Sirens, fire, police, close pass, distant, urban, CALGARY, 2011.wav" by TRP
rooftopDoorSmash.ogg - "RBH_Chain Link Fence 01.wav" by RHumphries, "RBH_Chain Link Fence 03.wav" by RHumphries, "metal-pole-staircase" by newagesoup, "Machine and Percussive Noises > Hammer on Metal" by lonemonk
schoolLoop.ogg - "random > crowd int small echo hallway like school echo1.flac" by kyles
schoolSilentLoop.ogg - "2019 wind in- out-doors > Room-tone hallway apartment 191013_0076.wav" by klankbeeld
shooterFangJumps - "Object Karma Sounds > Crowd Screaming" by DigestContent
showerStart.ogg - "Bathroom > bathroom door.wav" by arnaump
showerDoor.ogg - "Bathroom > bathroom door.wav" by arnaump
sizzle.ogg - "Hot Sizzling" by Mike Koenig
slapstickGlassBreak.ogg - "Glass > Glass Break - Medium Jar" by RoganMcDougald
slapstickThunder.ogg - "Luonto Nature > Ukkonen, salama / Thunder, a few lightning strikes, rumble, boom, thunderstorm, edit" by YleArkisto, "Summer > Thunder (close up)" by Martineerok, "Thunderstorm July 19, 2012 > 20120719ThunderBig.wav" by daveincamas, "thunderstorm > very-close-impact-lightning.wav" by klankschap
slapstickWipe.ogg - "Glass /window cleaning" by peqdavid5
splash.ogg - "Jumping in a Pool > Splash, Jumping, D" by InspectorJ
strike.ogg - "Bowditch Beats > B_2 Bowling ball striking pins.wav" by Yarmonics, "Bowling Strike" by SieuAmThanh
stringSnap.ogg - "Guitar string snap or breaks - various sounds" by khenshom
tableSlam.ogg - "Wood Table Hit - w and wo cup - BU on R.wav" by p1llowt4lk, "random > door wood hit +window rattle slam bang various.wav" by kyles, "bookcase rattling.wav" by kineticturtle
tableSlamNoBox.ogg - "Wood Table Hit - w and wo cup - BU on R.wav" by p1llowt4lk, "random > door wood hit +window rattle slam bang various.wav" by kyles, "bookcase rattling.wav" by kineticturtle
teenageCafeteriaLoop.ogg - "CafeteriaLight.wav" by ViaTorci
teenageCrowdFarLoop.ogg - "Large_crowd_medium_distance_stereo.wav" by eguobyte
teenageCrowdInteriorLoop.ogg - "House party, inside, voices, talking, 10.mp3" by TRP
teenageCrowdJeerLoop.ogg - "Funny VOICES and LAUGHTERS by various people > 01095 massive laughter 10.wav" by Robinhood76, Audience/Crowd sounds in Quadraphonic > M Short Laughter - staggered.wav" by Processaurus, "Studio Audience - Small > Boo 6 Get Off the Stage.wav" by jayfrosting, "Crowd > Crowd Boo.wav" by deleted_user_2104797, "freesoundATcaixaforum > To_Be_Booed2_ses1.wav" by freesound
teenageCrowdLoop.ogg - "Crowd > Crowd waiting to go in exterior 2" by deleted_user_2104797
teenageCrowdMurmurLoop.ogg - "public > audience becomes still 01.wav" by klankbeeld
teenageCrowdPanicLoop.ogg - "Crowd in panic" by IENBA
radioChatterLoop.ogg - "Police scanner clips > do it now 2.wav" by ERH, "FX > Radio Garble" by Benboncan, "Analogue Radio Sounds > Full radio sweep.wav" by vedas, "FM POLICE RADIO > FM 006" by G_M_D_THREE
rainStart.ogg - "Drizzle" by Soundatic, "Rain > storm_austin_11222014.flac" by wjoojoo, "random > water trickle drips drops small splash onto concrete floor low seiling unfinished basement.flac" by kyles
rainLoop.ogg - "Rain > storm_austin_11222014.flac" by wjoojoo
whoosh.ogg - "Whoosh" by qubodup
windLightLoop - "windy city night ambience" by jgrzinich
woodSnap.ogg - "Snapping, Wooden Fence, N.wav" by InspectorJ (
---Miscellaneous Sources---
Sonniss GDC Free Pack 2015 Version
Sonniss GDC Free Pack 2016 Version
Sonniss GDC Free Pack 2017 Version
All stock images used from various stock image websites