A woocommerce plugin for querying pirateship.com for shipping rates
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Pirateship live rates

Coked up crack-head plugin made by Cavemanon itself for getting those shipping rates from Pirateship because I'm not paying $20 a month for fucking cheaper shipping and live rates with Shippo.


Configure this in the Woocommmerce > Settings > Shipping > Pirateship Shipping.

The API Failure Fallback Price is the price you want the plugin to default to if it can't get the rates it needs.

The Sender's city is where the package you're sending is coming from.

The Origin Region Code (State Abreviation) is the abreviation of the state, used for telling the Pirateship API where your package is coming from.

The ZIP code is like the above entry, but for a ZIP code.

Only tested to work in the United State of America because Pirateship only seems to work there. Dragon Ball Z Fans and other non-Amerimutts use with caution.


If something broken, report it. If we notice it too we will fix it. If we don't care then just submit a pull request and DIY.

Special Thanks

My love goes out to the entire nation of India for collectivly providing enough information for me to be able to cobble together a broken version of this plugin, after which I went to the WooCommerce documentation just to learn that they copied and pasted the example code provided and enshittified it with broken ESL documentation. Without your low effort, SEO-optimized tutorials wrote in broken English, this project would never have been possible.