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-		      INTRO			   -

This resource pack contains nearly all images that contain text in the game that need to have seperated elements necessary for translation. For most of these, it's straight forward what to do, but there are special instructions for a few as well as general guidelines for all images.


-CLIP STUDIO PAINT (Optional, recommended)
-GIMP 2 (Optional, recommended)
-A tablet/drawing pad

For most project files that are included, they have been converted from the CLIP Studio/GIMP format to Photoshop documents for your convenience, so they are compatible with other paint programs. You'll notice there are still CLIP's/XCF's included anyway - While all of them have PSD alternatives (excluding ones that are just one layer), the advantage to them is that the text will not be rasterized as a result, and you edit the text boxes directly with the size, kerning, line spacing, and fonts already set up for you. The PSD's are there if you are planning on recreating the text and don't need either programs.

However, given that Snoot Game was made primarily in CLIP it's highly recommended you get CLIP Studio/GIMP anyway, as the brush that has been included only works for CLIP and you save time trying to recreate the text if your language has similar english characters. There's also a brush made close to this brush for Procreate, and that has been included as well in case you want to use that. Although, any brush will do so long as it's similar to the included brushes (slightly pencil-like and shimmering regular pen, minimal anti aliasing)

CLIP Studio has a free trial you can download from their page with a 3 month time limit on all devices, more than enough time to get done with translations. If you don't like the sound of that, the psd's are there anyway.

One thing to be aware of is that GIMP has certain features some of the images rely on, such as how easy it is to apply text shadow in the insult layers, and GIMP should be used in this instance as it makes it significantly easier to apply to all 9 of them fast and how they exactly are. GIMP reverts any effects applied to text if you edit them however, but they are easy to re-apply as per the instructions below.

-		  REQUIREMENTS			   -

If you are planning on commiting to a translation, you must understand these things:

1. You MUST provide the translated images as the modified project files used to create the images. That is not to say we now have ownership over it, just that you must make it freely available as per the CC share-alike license of Snootgame's assets.

2. Don't do anything crazy with the images. These are just translations of the source text and should be treated as such, and it is not expected for you to change layers beyond the ones that contain text.

3. If an image has DRAWN text, you must also draw the text, not type it. Yes, that means the long ass phone conversation.

Not all words need to be translated! If something is understood in your language/culture, don't translate it. In-universe products likely don't need translation, like NOXU, and certain phrases are references to real things, such as "YOU WA SHOCK!". If your language doesn't use anglo-germanic characters, more literal translations are fine so long as it's important to the story, like Dino-Moes.

-		  INSTRUCTIONS			   -

Some of these do not have to be followed exactly, and a few contain project files that make them unnecessary. These are for those who want to know the exact specifications of which they are created.

Most of these have been drawn using the G_Pen_Wing_2.sut brush, what we'll call the snoot brush. If some look like they've been drawn with G Pen for clip, or a regular looking brush, use that instead. Use your intuition for how the rest of these should be done - for all of them except the poster and cd case, they should at least look like the source image.

The layers within the project files have partially flattened layers to make it simpler to navigate and know which is which, with the necessary layers needed to reproduce the image exactly still there. Any text layers/folders should have the name "WORDS" to them, and if they don't that was by mistake.


bathroom1: B4FRO stands for... well it was mistake. It was supposed to say BAFRO, which is bathroom but shortened, got jumbled in miscommunication.


d01: The pizza box is "PISSERS", the soda cans are "NOXU"

doomeranon01: The window says "Pizza Time"

doomeranon03: The guitar sticker says "BAD"

fangroom: The wall writing says "YOU WA SHOCK!"

livingroomdayalt: The banner says "congratulations!"

trailerconcert: Amp's writing is the same as fangonamp.

Vvurm drama poster and cd case: 

	Make a seperate image to overlay on it - that's the only requirement. Make it look low effort.

Fang and Trish phone conversation:

	You are not restricted to drawing text in the bubbles. So long as the character sizes roughly match, you are allowed to change the height of the image and still have it work for scrolling, and the bubbles can be redrawn to form around the text as it should.

Ending 1 graves cg (CLIP):

	Font: Arial

	"2001	2020": 22pt
	"2003	2020": 23pt

	Resize back down and skew as necessary. Duplicate the text, put it under the original text, color it white, and shift it one pixel to the left. Use filtering to smooth both layers a little so it's not so sharp.

Fucked Wing Retard (CLIP):

	Same as the phone conversation, although just for the bubbles.

Elliot Raptor shitpost (GIMP):

		Font: Calibri Bold
		Size: 14.8pt

	"He made some valid points :^)":
		Font: Calibi light 
		Size: 14.2pt 
		Line Spacing: 102

		Font: Calibri Light 
		Size: 7pt

	"Thread No.: #889823665:":
		Font: Calibri light 
		Size: 9.6pt

	"Image Selected": 
		Font: Calibri 
		Size: 13.2pt

Elliot Raptor post successful (CLIP):

	Font: Calibri
	Size: 14.8pt
	Line Spacing: 105

Credits (CLIP):

	Font: Falling sky

	The line spacing and a bit of the size fluctuates constantly, be prepared. Approximate values:

	"Snoot Game": 50.1pt
	Titles: 23.9pt
		Size: 19.3pt 
		Line Spacing: 126.3
	"THE END": 
		Size: 39pt
		Character Spacing: 2

Ending cards (CLIP):
	Font: Falling Sky
		Size: 80pt 
		Line Spacing: 139
		Size: 51.8pt 
		Character Spacing: -1.0

Flash back cards (GIMP):
	Font: Caladea Italic
	Size: 62pt

	Apply Oilify filter with default settings... that's it.

Insult layers (GIMP):
	Font: Falling Sky
	Size: 29.4pt 
	Kerning: -2.5

	Add drop shadow at 1.750 opacity at default settings. Might have to adjust kerning for one since they're a little inconsistent
	You are allowed to change the dimensions of the image if the text exceeds the boundaries, usually to the lower-right corner.

	Font: Falling Sky Italic
	Size: 80.5pt
	Character Spacing: 2


For several, exporting the text layer will do just fine. However, some files contain layers above the text, and care must be taken with them in mind - you can't just export the text layer, you have to export the layer with the accumulative effects of the layers above affecting the text layer. 

This can be done by making a mask of the text layer at 100% opacity for all pixels or performing a shrink selection at 0% tolerance, interiors included. Which ever the method, it must contain every pixel no matter how transparent, as the transparencies of the text layer might output the wrong results. You are permitted to be a little lazy about it by just making a selection, but it must not be so lazy that the selection is huge - take the cut out of RAYmba in fang's room future variant as an example of how it should be done ideally. The mask/shrink selection makes compression more efficient, even if it is very slight.

Refer to how the game uses language assets to export the layers as needed - every image typically has a base image and a text overlay. If the image is entirely the text, then it's just one image to worry about. Eitherway, you only need to replace the images that contain text, with the exception being elements that are dependent on the text like the text bubbles of the phone conversations. How to implement another language is outside the scope of this pack, but you can use the existing languages in the game as a reference, and consult Renpy's official documentation for switching languages.

Once done, hand the images over in a folder (seperated from the project files) corresponding to how they would be put into the game, as a language or in the images folder. You can either email us them (cavemanon@mail.snootgame.xyz, cavemanongames@gmail.com) as a link and we'll make it publically available, or more conveniently make a request on our git (git.snootgame.xyz) to put them in. 

If you do so on the git, please leave it somewhere where it can be seen. You can create an issue on the snootgame repository and leave a link for others to use and eventually implement, or make a fork that includes these images in their correct places. They will be converted to webp later on to put into the main build.


A grand total of 2 images - left in the 'to do' folder - have been left untranslated because I didn't have time to make seperate versions, and the other stuff like the soda can doesn't need translation. Aowever anyone is welcome to try, so here's what I recommend:

For the phone image, it's just a photoshop of fang behind the sign with a filter already applied. The source image has been supplied and can be recreated in GIMP as follows, all at default settings:

1. Resize image
2. Apply Oilify filter
3. Apply Cartoon filter (Optional, if it doesn't look like the game image don't use it)
4. Apply slur noise filter
5. Edit fang into it

For the text... find a font that's very similar, remove the text from the image and type in the text. 

For the lighter, it's not very pivotal that it does get treatment since the text is so small you can't really tell what it's supposed to say without story context, but it's still a detail none-the-less. Isolating the text is tricky, but doable. Here's what I recommend within CLIP:

1. Duplicate the image and paint the text out in the other one.
2. With the other duplicated image, cut out a section with the text
3. Use level correction to make the non-text area as pure white but maintaining as much value range with the text as possible. Section it to compensate with the differently shaded areas.
4. Hit "Convert brightness with opacity"
5. Adjust the value of the text to be the same as the original.

You can email us through the usual methods (You'll find the address at snootgame.xyz) and give us these images supplied as project files. For the phone image, preferably not with the text rasterized, but if it has the specifications for how the text was created like the instructions above that is fine too.