some clause stuff

Mappening 5 months ago
parent 83dc17fb23
commit 2cfef4ad45

@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ define gui.show_name = True
## The version of the game.
define config.version = _("Patch8_BloodAndSpainAllOver")
define config.version = _("Patch8_NewYears")
## Text that is placed on the game's about screen. Place the text between the
## triple-quotes, and leave a blank line between paragraphs.

@ -319,4 +319,4 @@ label start:
$ tradwife = False
$ wingStory = False
pause 1.0
call storyline
call storyline from _call_storyline

@ -448,7 +448,7 @@ label chapter_11:
# Doomer ending skips this segment
call get_ending
call get_ending from _call_get_ending
if _return == 2:
stop music fadeout 3
pause 2
@ -585,7 +585,7 @@ label chapter_11:
Nas "Dont take it the wrong way, but my mind just screamed at me worst case scenario."
pause .5
call get_ending
call get_ending from _call_get_ending_1
if _return == 4:
jump lSortingThings # Golden
elif _return == 3:
@ -5211,7 +5211,7 @@ label chapter_11:
"Fang and I have been together for a month now."
pause .5
call get_ending
call get_ending from _call_get_ending_2
if _return == 3: #tradwife
"Things are going pretty well. When we discount Trishs weekly attempt to talk with Fang."
@ -5466,7 +5466,7 @@ label chapter_11:
call get_ending
call get_ending from _call_get_ending_3
if _return != 1: # any route except Shooter
# duplicated segment from 11B, 11C and 11D transplanted here
window hide

@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ image d_credits_text = Composite(
label lending:
call get_ending
call get_ending from _call_get_ending_4
if _return == 4:
pause 0.5
show snootgame_big with dissolve: # Renpy not allowing you to grab images from the gui folder is serious bullshit

@ -11,45 +11,45 @@ init -1 python:
persistent.endings = endings
label storyline:
call chapter_1
call chapter_2
call chapter_3
call chapter_4
call chapter_5
call chapter_6
call chapter_7
call chapter_8
call chapter_9
call chapter_10
call chapter_11
call get_ending
call chapter_1 from _call_chapter_1
call chapter_2 from _call_chapter_2
call chapter_3 from _call_chapter_3
call chapter_4 from _call_chapter_4
call chapter_5 from _call_chapter_5
call chapter_6 from _call_chapter_6
call chapter_7 from _call_chapter_7
call chapter_8 from _call_chapter_8
call chapter_9 from _call_chapter_9
call chapter_10 from _call_chapter_10
call chapter_11 from _call_chapter_11
call get_ending from _call_get_ending_5
if _return == 4:
call chapter_11D
call chapter_12D
call chapter_12_5D
call chapter_13D
call chapter_14D
call chapter_11D from _call_chapter_11D
call chapter_12D from _call_chapter_12D
call chapter_12_5D from _call_chapter_12_5D
call chapter_13D from _call_chapter_13D
call chapter_14D from _call_chapter_14D
elif _return == 3:
$ tradwife = True
call chapter_11C
call chapter_12C
call chapter_12_5C
call chapter_13C
call chapter_14C
call chapter_11C from _call_chapter_11C
call chapter_12C from _call_chapter_12C
call chapter_12_5C from _call_chapter_12_5C
call chapter_13C from _call_chapter_13C
call chapter_14C from _call_chapter_14C
elif _return == 2:
call chapter_11B
call chapter_12B
call chapter_11B from _call_chapter_11B
call chapter_12B from _call_chapter_12B
# no chapter_13 here since the scene is different enough to the other routes for everything to go into 13C
call chapter_13B
call chapter_14B
call chapter_13B from _call_chapter_13B
call chapter_14B from _call_chapter_14B
call chapter_11A
call chapter_12A
call chapter_12_5D
call chapter_13A
call chapter_14A
call chapter_11A from _call_chapter_11A
call chapter_12A from _call_chapter_12A
call chapter_12_5D from _call_chapter_12_5D_1
call chapter_13A from _call_chapter_13A
call chapter_14A from _call_chapter_14A
$ ending_image()
$ renpy.quit()
$ ending_image()
call lending
call lending from _call_lending