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Snoot Game


Find an issue and start working. Creating issues is very helpful. Simply emailing patches/updated versions of the script works too. All PRs/Contributions to the main code should go to the patch branch and NOT master as to leave master a stable branch. All contributions belong to you, but are licensed under the GNU AGPL v3.

Supported OSes

  1. Gahnoo/Loonux
  2. Binbows
  3. (chad)mac
The BSD family has yet to be tested, but likely works if py-game works

Commadore 64 port soon(tm)

System Requirements


  • Can it run python 2?
  • Can it run OpenGL or equivalent (including WebGL)?
  • Does your computer have a GUI of any kind?
  • If yes to all three, you can play the game
  • Suggested

  • CPU: Wafer Scale Engine 2
  • RAM: 32 Terrafarts of DDR 6 Ram
  • GPU: 30 NVIDIA TITAN Vs (Studded with Diamonds)
  • Additonal Note: This build is going to be outdated in like 3 months or something lol
  • Developers


  • Writefag 1
  • Writefag A
  • Writefag α
  • Artfags

  • Artfag 1
  • Artfag A
  • Artfag α
  • Artfag I
  • Audiofags

  • Audiofag 1
  • Audiofag A
  • Programfags

  • /dev/non
  • Special thanks to...

    A random anon on /lit/ saved this project from poor writing after we submitted a beta version of our script. The post goes as follows (minor spoiliers ahead):

    "Aight you kind of get this is an attention seeking thing. But this is as much of a symptom as the gender thing, not the root cause. Bio says she's neglected by her parents because her brother is perfect and gets everything right. He's a goody two shoes with grades and parents, popular, I'm guessing that other girl is his gf too. Fang's response is to adopt an "I need nobody" attitude, and has basically bought an off the shelf personality and identity to compensate. People like this do not feel like they have agency. They lack self actualization. These "store-bought" identities from ideologies like the LGBTQIAAOMGWTFBBQ people and racebaiters offer only the feeling of validation without the essential step of self. This behavior you can find in (You) baiting on 4channel, which is an attempt to find some semblance of "I exist!" instead of realizing you can't get that affirmation from outside. Fang adopting Tradwife, sticking with high school attitudes, or shooting up the school isn't fixing the problem of her gaining agency. You can fix this by having Anon be there as an example of being a self-actualized person, he shouldn't be there to fuck her or save her. Every choice that's not purely cosmetic should be set up with the intent to help her gain agency. She feels like she's always compared to her brother, never judged on her own merits or personhood, so she substitutes this with an identity that comes with excess baggage. It shouldn't matter if she's goth or bisexual, as long as this comes from within, and not because this will make up for her lack of personhood. This is why tradwife is missing the point a bit, it's substituting colored hair and pronouns for Jesus and prayer. She still does it because its an identity without any real substance of the self behind it. Or maybe I am talking out my ass and all she really did need was a man to fuck the degeneracy out of her. You guys do you

    Whoever you are, you changed the writing direction from shitposty, pandering garbage to a genuine story that out preforms what our competators could do. Whoever you are, be proud of your critique and continue to critique. Story makers need vigilant anons like you.